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Brendan B. Larsen

From a long, in-progress text on the genius cartoonists (comics’ artists and writers) of the recent past:

          When we hunt for the subliminal nests of our enjoyment when it comes to the comics of the recent past and present, we come to a fork in the road. It is deep in the body, in the blood. Aidan Koch is sitting quietly, mesmerized by what we might call the Play of the Frames; Dane Martin dances in the plasma, resuscitating supposedly long-gone impulses in a thoroughly post-postmodern way; in the blood, of the blood, are a father and son, made one, made The System, comics’ lifeblood, CF (Christopher Forgues).
          1) Any facet of comics can be used in many ways, including opposed ways. Thus, concentrating on technique can be used to conceal content (again and again by cartoonists who are afraid of what they’ll feel, of what they’ll learn about themselves). Nevertheless, technique can facilitate authentic inspiration. 2) When a cartoonist says she’s doing “east,” always check to see she isn’t really doing “west.” Chances are, her bent is so entirely “north” she must swear utter allegiance to “south” in order to encompass the world. 3) Charge comes with dissonance. Without dissonance, no charge.
          Investigating the process of making a comic isn’t only an act of inquisitiveness, but an attempt to grasp the spirit of cartooning.

(Source: brokenoval)

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