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Ray Johnson
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Kiki Picasso
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Jason Overby

12021988 asked: Hi Alt Comics. I'm looking for a few comic contributions for a zine im working on that is currently heavily imbalanced towards fiction and poetry. Do you have any particular regular contributors who you think would be interested in having their work showcased in another zine? If so, please let me know. hit me with a few links, names, emails etc. anything along the lines of blaise larmee or andrea bjurst would be especially appreciated. Lee

Artists featured on this site who create dreamlike or diaristic narratives with roughintuitive, or informal drawings:

  1. Aidan Koch
  2. Amanda Vahamaki
  3. Amelie Von Wulffen
  4. Berliac
  5. Charlotte Salomon
  6. CF
  7. Frank Santoro
  8. Inger Zivana
  9. Jaakko Pallasvuo
  10. Jenny Wildfang
  11. Sam Alden
  12. Sarah Ferrick
  13. Vanessa Davis
Lawrence Weiner